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Auto Racing Flag Rules

Auto racing flag rules In every car racing competition, there’s another set of eyes on the track for every driver that’s competing. That set of eyes belongs to the flagman. The flagman is on a platform that’s elevated well above the track. They can see things that

Auto Racing Jargon

Like a nimrod to computer science, it’s nearly impossible for a newcomer to NASCAR racing to understand what the announcers are talking about. Whether talking to the novice or the seasoned viewer, NASCAR commentators have to strike a balance somewhere between the experts that they are, and

Pit Stops

Granted, when it comes to auto racing, regardless of whether you’re talking about NASCAR, Indy Car, LeMans or any other type, if a car has to make pit stops, the entire race can hinge on how the pit stop progresses. How well a crew chief plays pit

How To Borrow Money To Buy A Car

Strategies For Borrowing Money To Buy A Car Buying a new car can be an exciting time. Finding the right make and model that is perfect for personal needs, and business transportation offers a wide range of choices to be navigated. Working with dealerships can be exhausting,

Car Finance Made Simple

Car financing can be simple when people take the time to prepare properly. The tips below are the things that new buyers need to consider when they are looking for cars. Lots of people spend time looking at the vehicles they want to buy. There should be

How To Clean Leather Interiors

Proper Prepping And Cleaning For A Car’s Leather Interior The leather inside of a vehicle needs to be cleaned just as any other upholstery. Cleaning techniques for leather require discipline and have to be completed step by step so the fabric does not become ruined. Importance Of

How To Clean Car Seat Tracks

One of the most overlooked parts of cleaning the interior of your car is making certain the seat tracks are maintained. These tracks are responsible for allowing the seats to easily move forwards and back. Whether the seats are controlled by a button on the side of

How To Clean A Car Ceiling

Who wants to drive in a dirty car? Not very many people, which is why you see so many car washes on the side of the highway. Now, cleaning the exterior of a car is definitely important. However, the interior has to look spotless as well. No

How To Check Engine Coolant Levels

The engines coolant or antifreeze usually contains a yellow lid, which infers that it is something that should be checked or filled regularly. The engine coolant is critical to your vehicle’s normal function. The coolant also provides a much more accurate reading to establish when the engine

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